Shilajeet Shake


Shilajit contains higher amounts of fulvic acid along with 84 other added minerals and hence its is considered highly efficient for the human body in many aspects. While on one side it can act as a perfect ingredient to boost your body’s immunity and memory, it can also work upon as an anti-inflammatory agent, an energy booster ingredient, and a diuretic which can help in removing all the extra fluid from the body.

Shilajit is mainly been found in the mountains of Himalayas and it takes a lot of effort and time to handpick the best Shilajit from a bunch of other herbs around. Still here at ayushopee, we have handpicked the bets Shilajit to rightly suit all your immunity and energy needs. We know that you might find it a bit difficult to consume Shilajit like a medicine and this is why our experts have created this amazing Shilajit shake to boost up your health and energy levels. Additionally, you don’t have to think much about its side effects as this Ayurvedic product is complete safe and healthy to consume. So, hop on to the world of wholesome goodness with our Shilajit shake.



Shilajit is an Ayurvedic product which comes in a sticky substance form. The plant is generally been found in the rocky mountains of Himalayas. It is majorly been used as an Ayurvedic medicine and termed as a safe and effective medicinal supplement to boopst your overall health and well being.

If we talk about all the health benefits of Shilajit that will include the following:

  • Helps in Alzheimer disease: As we know that the primary substance of the Shilajit is Fulvic acid, it helps in minimizing the formation of Tau proteins, which are although a part of our nervous system, but can prove disastrous if allowed to grow beyond a limit. This further gives birth to diseases like Alzheimer and Shilajit has proved its effectiveness against the same.
  • Helps in boosting the Testosterone levels: Testosterone come as the primary male hormone but there are certain cases where males have been found with lower levels of testosterone. Once you will be grabbed by this health issue, you are bound to be experiencing low sex drive, frequent hair loss, increased body fat and increased fatigue in your daily routines. This is where Shilajit works like magic and helps in improving the testosterone levels in the male body.
  • Anti ageing effect: The fulvic acid present in Shilajit acts as an anti-ageing agent due to its anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. It is quite helpful in securing body from severe cells damage and free radicals. Thus, your body will be getting a better health whilst slowing the overall ageing process.
  • Helps in Anemia: Iron deficiency has been proved as a main cause of anemia in humans and it may further bring health issues like weakness, headaches, cold feet and irregular heart beat. As per recent studies by a group of medical experts, shilajit has brought upon the red blood cells levels in humans.
  • Infertility: For all those men who are experiencing a low sperm count, shilajit comes as a blessing. Researchers have found that regular consumption of shilajit has proved to be beneficial for the male fertility and it has brought up the sperm count over the time in men.
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