Precharge Shake


We at Ayushoppee are using FDA approved extracts with calculated and rational combination of the different herbal extract which is readily absorbed into the intestine thus is giving quick results. 

Precharge shake is easily soluble in milk, good in taste, with almost nil preservatives and no artificial colors and no flavor is added to that. 

Precharge shake is designed, looking at the modern day needs of the people which is more after junk food, subjects of food adulterations, lead a busy lifestyle and victims of pollution. 

Precharge shake not only gives all the necessary nutritional supplements required in natural form but also detoxifies the body with its free radicle scavenging herbal extracts.

Precharge shake is for various needs of different age groups in the family.

Precharge enhances the growth in growing children gives most of the necessary elements required for growth in their body, boosts stamina, keeps mind relaxed, boosts memory and is good in taste.

Precharge shake is a must for Females be it housewife or working, running from morning to evening and taking care of family needs she forgets to take care that her body, which is depleting daily of the many necessary elements and also needs the charging. This depletion happens during menstruation in terms of blood loss, calcium loss in menopause, muscle loss in working day and night resulting chronic backache, Cervical, Headache, joint pains, chronic fatigue and many more. Precharge shake only replenishes all the necessary elements but also boosts stamina and immunity to fight day to day infections.

In males it provides necessary boost to keep you charged for the routine damages happening at the cellular level in the body and is not visible now but will tend to become a chronic disorder like the fatigue, Backache, memory loss, oxidative damage etc.

In elderly people Precharge provides all the required minerals, Proteins, Vitamins and supplements which is necessary for their day to day requirements as digestion becomes weak, body is fragile and old so it needs some easy to digest and chemical free food that not only covers their nutritional requirements but also boosts their immunity to keep day to day infections away.

So Precharge shake is a natural, herbal supplement for whole family to grow, to keep fit, to boost immunity and to stay healthy.

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The Precharge shake is loaded with some purest class of herbs and natural ingredients which can rightly boost your body with ample amount of energy. If we talk about the various ingredients present in the Pre-charge shake, they are:

Moringa:– This comes as the best part of the Precharge shake and beside being loaded with all the proteins within, the Moringa leaf contains good amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, ribo-flavin, calcium, iron and magnesium. It must be mentioned that three spoonful of Moringa leaf powder contains 27% of a typical toddler’s daily Vitamin A requirement.
Apart from that, the leaf contains 42 per cent of the protein, 125 per cent of the calcium, 71 per cent of the iron and 22 per cent of the Vitamin C, along with all the minerals and essential amino acids which are generally present in Meat only. Moringa contains four times the vitamin A present in carrots, seven times the vitamin C in oranges, and four times the calcium in milk.

Ashwagandha:– When it comes to Ashwagandha, the herb really doesn’t needs any introduction. It is the most potent herb to combat various health ailments like arthritis, stress, low sex drive and low testosterone levels. Apart from that, it works as an Antioxidant, rejuvenator, immune enhancer and Booster for your mind.

Giloya:-Giloy is another major ingredient which is quoted as an Immunity modulator and works majorly in the recovery process of health issues like jaundice, liver fibrosis, and septic infections whilst helping in the improvement of macrophages activity alongside.

Amla:– Amla comes as the best source of Vit. C till date and it helps big time in the recovery of scurvy, reduction of LDL levels, and increment of the hemoglobin levels along with increased RBC. It also helps in limiting the side effects of smoking.

Wheatgrass:- Best antioxidant, anti cancer, immunity booster, full of nutrients(vitamins and minerals)

Triphla: – known as rasyan in Ayurveda that which helps in increasing the age, good for tummy, mild purgative, liver tonic, and digestive, hair blackening and good for eyes.

Trikatu: – It is digestive, boosts enzymatic activity, anti nauseating, and increases the absorption of all the ingredients by many fold.

Weight 400 g

Ingredients, Mode of Action & Effects


Active Ingredient Mode of Action Effects
Moringa Oliefera Extract Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, ribo-flavin, calcium, iron and magnesium. 10 types of amino acids, anti oxidant compound called zeatin. Antioxidant, Protein supplement, Iron deficiency anaemia, Rheumatic Arthritis, anti cancer, growth stimulant

(Withania Somnifera)

Anti oxidant, Reduce Cortisol levels, testosterone booster, Lowers C reactive Protein, anti inflammatory and anti neoplastic Helpful in arthritis, stress buster, Enhances Fertility, Anti Cancer, Reduces anxiety, Sleep Inducer

(Tinospora Cordifolia)

Detoxifies Body, Immunity Booster, Antipyretic, Anti arthritic, skin rejuvenator Fights Arthritis, Boosts Immunity, Stress reliever, fights eczema and psoriasis

(Embelica Officinalis)

Vit. C supplement, Iron Supplement, Antioxidant, Free radicle scavenger, Fights Scurvy, Iron Deficiency anaemia, Reduces lung damage due to smoking and pollution

(Triticum sativum)

Rich source of Calcium, Zinc, Mg. Fe, Se, Enzyme supplement, 15 types of amino acids Anti Cancer, Anti oxidant, fights muscular degeneration, Diabetic Neuropathy, immunity booster

(Zinziber Officinale)

Digestive, Boosts enzymatic activity, Increase peristaltic movement Boosts Hunger, Reduces bloating, Increases absorption from the intestine

(terminalia Chebula)

Purgative, Hepatoprotective, anti inflammatory, Carminative Relieves constipation, Lowers Bloating, Lowers Food Sensitivities.

(Glycerrhiza Glabra)

Kills Helicobactor Pylori, Adaptogenic, Mucolytic, Antispasmodic, anti allergic Lowers risk of Peptic ulcer, Controls Hyper acidity, Relieves Bronchial Allergies and Bronchospasm.

(Piper Longum)

Enhances Digestive Fire, Destroys Ama(Toxins), Enhances Bioavailability of Nutrients and other drugs IBS, Anorexia, Promotes peristaltic movement.

(Piper Nigrum)

Promotes Enzymatic activity, Increased digestive juices, Fat Burner IBS, Increases Hunger, Mood elevation, Fat loss.


1 Tea spoon morning and evening to be dissolved in milk.

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