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Life is getting hectic day by day and amidst the ongoing pressure, you always need something to refresh your body, mind and soul. If you go out in the market, you will come along with random sugary drinks which are high on calories and get you some extra weight. Moreover, these drinks are often been treated with numerous chemicals and preservatives which are really hazardous to your overall health.

Hoja fresh shake from Ayushoppe is the right does of energy and refreshes which you need after a hectic day in office, college or your day to-day routines. Made with the purest herbs and ingredients from the best natural resources, our Hoja fresh energy shake is certainly the power you need to fuel your energy requirements.

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Hoja fresh shake is mainly designed and manufactured to provide all the consumers with best and most pure energy shake which is free from any chemicals. You can have it any time and refreshes your mind and body with the right amount of energy. If we talk about the ingredients, the Hoja fresh shake contains Haritaki,Terminalia Chebula,Bibhitak,Terminalia Belerica,Amla,Emblica Officinalis,Sanai,Cassia Augustifolia, Saunth,Zingiber Officinale,Saunf,Foeniculum Vulgare,Isbagole,Plantago Ovata,Anardana, Punica Granatum, Sarjikshar,Sod. Bicarbonate,Sendha Namak,Sodium chloride and Vid Namak

All these ingredients come with proven properties of refreshing the body without bringing nay type of side effects in the process. If we talk about the benefits of Hoja shake, it is loaded with all the Vitamins and Minerals required by your body after a tough day at work, school or college. The Hoja shake is easy on digestion and brings a cool and calm effect on your stomach with all the natural ingredients it carries.

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