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We are in the explosion of a global pandemic of chronic fatigue syndrome obesity, diabetes, cancer, dementia, depression and other chronic diseases caused by modern lifestyles and their associated lack of physical activity, high intake of sugar, fat, salt, alcohol and tobacco and exposure to a toxic cocktail of industrial chemicals & Pollution. The solutions to this current health crisis are therefore more likely to be found in the homes and behaviour of individuals than in medical clinics, hospital or pharmacies.

As a science of life and the world’s oldest medical system, Ayurveda has a holistic approach to health and disease that focuses on preserving and promoting good health and preventing disease through healthy lifestyle practices. These practices include consumption of fresh, minimally processed foods, the use of Rasayanas (formulas) that eradicate ageing and disease, sophisticated detoxification practices and regular consumption of adaptogenic herbs that enhance the body’s capacity to maintain balance in the midst of a variety of stressors.

We are incorporating here two of the most talked about and used herbs in Ayurveda i.e. GILOYA & TULSI. With the increasing misuse of antibiotics and reducing immunities and increasing dangers of advent of superbug it’s high time we should concentrate on improving our own system of nutrition and lifestyle and adopt the use of those herbs which may help in boosting the immunity and reduce oxidative damage.

Recently, these two plants are of great interest to researchers across the globe because of their reported medicinal properties like anti-diabetic, anti-periodic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-oxidant, anti-allergic, anti-stress, anti-leprotic, anti-malarial, hepatoprotective, immunomodulatory and anti-neoplastic activities.

This shake is available in water and milk soluble options with intact active ingredients in extracts and fairly good taste to promote long term usage by the people to promote the health through herbs.


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You can’t take giloy as a mainstream allopathic medicine and you must ensure its intake only if it’s been recommended by an ayurvedic medicine specialist. Generally, this herbal medicine is been recommended as a powder or churna form, with a prescribed dosage of approx one teaspoon at a time.

The same dosage needs to be taken twice a day in order to get the best out of the whole medicine course in terms of immunity issues. If you go by the usage of the same for specific chronic diseases, you must consult the doctor in regards to its dosage and timings. Giloy often works great whilst combining along with certain herbs like ashwagandha. Moreover, after confirming it from your doctor, you can also consume it along with the wheatgrass juice or aloe vera juice as a detox solution. You can have it as a juice or either in the churna form and whilst being used in the paste form, it brings great wonders to your skin health.

As per certain major observations, Giloy hasn’t been found coming along with any kind of side effects. Although there have been certain cases where it’s been found that people with weak digestive system have complained of a constipation after prolonged intake of this herbal medicine. Hence, if you are someone who does have a strong digestive system, you can have it without any issue. You can bring along this herbal medicine to your health treatment without any issues. Still its always been recommended that the person must consult with his/ her medical fractioned before getting along with this medicine.

Giloy is one of the most sought after herbal medicines in the modern age and it can be consumed as a powder, juice, tea, or even in tablet form. Giloy come along with tons of health benefits and you can get benefitted in many health issues like chronic fever, digestion, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and so on. Still, check with your physician before getting along with its medicinal course.

Weight 400 g


Ingredients:- Giloya Extract : 1000mg

Tulsi Extract : 250mg

How It Works


Active Constituents Mode of Action Effect In Vivo
Giloya Extract Immunomodulatory Increase phagocytic activity of macrophages
Alkaloids Berberine Antioxidants Reduce endothelial damage in heart.
Choline, Palmitine, Tinosporin Produce ROS in neutrophils, enhance NO production Non proliferation and cytotoxic effect on tumour cells, Anticancer
Isocolumbin Free radicle scavenging Anti toxic effect on body
Glycosides,Tinocordiside Palmatosides, Codiosides,18-norclerodane.  Stimulate growth of Osteoblasts, Increase bone mineralization Increase the thickness of bone cartilage reduce osteoporosis and anti arthritic
Bactericidal Reduce the inflammation and spread of infection
TULSI EXTRACT Bactericidal, antiviral antifungal Keeps lots of infections at bay
Eugenol, Ursolic acid, β-caryophyllene, Linalool, and 1,8-cineole Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic Boosts immunity 
Neurocognitive effect Improves the mood and neurocognitive effect
Improves blood glucose levels Support for Diabetic patients.
Improves enzymatic activity significantly Boosts Metabolic activity and reduces SGOT & SGPT Levels
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