Curcumin helps in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy andradiotherapy given to the cancer patients.

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Curcumin extract 500mg.

How it works

It’s the active compound in the Haldi.

It’s most wide use is found to suppress the proliferation of cancer.

Curcumin helps in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy given to the cancer patients.

Curcumin helps in improving the thyroid function thus a great support for patients taking thyroid medicine and other anti oxidant compounds.

Curcumin is hepatoprotective that means it improves liver function protects liver from various damages like in alcoholics, cirrhosis and many other metabolic disorders.

It increases the Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Thus it helps in secreting new neurons, helps in fighting the diseases like alzhiemer, depression, helps in boosting memory and better brain activity.

Curcumin reduces inflammation, oxidation, cholesterol, improves endothelial function thus helps in reducing the heart problems Arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis is nothing but autoimmune disorder happens due to overoxidation, curcumin helps in reducing the damage of joints due to antioxidant activity.

It boosts skin color.

It prevents tanning.

It is anti allergic thus prevents the urticaria,allergic bronchitis, rhinorhoea, and many other allergic disorders in long term usage.

Side Effects

Few patients are reported to have allergy to curcumin.
No major long term usage side effects of curcumin are reported till date.

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