Capsule PRE CHARGE is useful in Anti-oxidant, Immunomodulator, Anaemia, Calciumsupplement, Weak Eye-sight brought to you by vedic square.



Weight 150 g


Sahajan(Moringa Oliefera) Extract, Ashwagandha Extract,
Giloya Extract, Tagar Extract, Amla, Yashtimadhu, Haritaki, Binhitak, Praval Bhasam, Loh Bhasam.

How It Works


Gram for gram, Moringa leaves contain four times the vitamin A available in carrots. Seven times the vitamin C in oranges. Four times the Calcium available in milk. Twice the protein in milk and three times the Potassium in bananas.

25 grams daily of Moringa Leaf Powder give a child the following recommended daily allowances:

Magnesium 61%, Potassium 41%, Iron 71%, Protein 42%, Calcium 125%, Vitamin A 272%, and Vitamin C 22%.

These numbers easily show the importance of Moringa Oleifera for everyone's nutrition. And especially for vegetarians, as a source of proteins and iron.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa Oleifera reduce different body pains. It proved effective for treating arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, migraine and other headaches.

Moringa Oleifera flowers are known for:

– improving the quality and flow of mothers’ milk when breast feeding

– solving urinary problems, because flower juice encourages urination

Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera) :-

Ashwagandha root drug finds an important place in treatment of rheumatic pain, inflammation of joints, nervous disorders and epilepsy. Dried roots are used as tonic for hiccup, cold, cough, female disorders, as a sedative, in care of senile debility, ulcers etc.

Ashwagandha has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-stress, antioxidant, mind- boosting, immune-enhancing, and rejuvenating properties. Ashwagandha root has also been noted to have sex-enhancing properties.

GILOYA(Tinospora Cordifolia):-

Tinospora or Giloy or Amrita is a well known medicinal herb contains anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties.

In a scientific study conducted using human WBC (white blood corpuscles), this herb helps in increasing the killing ability of macrophages, the resistant cells those are accountable for fighting foreign materials as well as microorganisms and an antioxidant.

Guduchi or Giloy  improve the  functioning of protective cells, macrophages and will improve body’s resistance to infections.

AMLA(Emblia Ribes):-

Amla increases the haemoglobin in blood, the RBC (red blood cells) count and purifies blood.

  • Reduce LDL (bad cholesterol), VLDL and triglycerides level by over 40%.
  • Increases the level of HDL (good cholesterol) significantly.

Being the best source of vit. C, amla hepls in preventing Scurvy and regularises bile production in Liver thus, helps in digestion also. Amla helps in reducing the side effects of cigarette smoking. Amla helps in reducing the effects of pre mature ageing, wrinkles and fine lines.


Used for anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, dysmenorrhea. Valeriana is helpful in stressful nerves and to help the body relax.Tagar is a bitter and aromatic root, a nerve stimulant, and beneficial for inducing sleep and calming the mind. Tagar is known to relax the mind, having antioxidant properties, useful in anxiety disorders, helps in sleep, sans drowsiness and the side effects of other anti-anxiety allopathic drugs.


Yashtimadhu known to kill Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that cause most ulcers and inflammations of the stomach.Besides treating ulcers along the digestive tract, including the mouth, it may be used for viral infections like a cold, inflammation as in arthritis, menstrual and menopausedisorders, herpes, eczema and psoriasis, allergic disorders, asthma, chronic fatigue,depression due to hormonal imbalance, emphysema, and hypoglycemia. Ayurveda recommends yashtimadhu as an effective expectorant, helping to liquefy mucus and facilitate its discharge from the body.


  • Haritaki has laxative, rejuvenative, purgative, astringent and dry properties.
  • The paste of its fruit is effective in reducing swelling, hastening the healing process and cleansing the wounds and ulcers.
  • Haritaki helps in improving appetite and helps in digestion.
  • It is a good nervine and helps in nervous weakness and nervous irritability and promotes the receiving power of the five senses.
  • Since it is anti-inflammatory and astringent, it is helpful in urethral discharges like spermatorrhea and vaginal discharges like leucorrhea.


Beleric is a rejuvenative and laxative. It proves beneficial for hair, throat and eyes.

  • The herb is used in various eye ailments, such as myopia, corneal opacity, pterigium, immature cataract, chronic and acute infective conditions.
  • Beleric helps in loss of appetite, flatulence, thirst, piles and worms.
  • It prevents ageing, imparts longevity, boosts immunity, improves mental faculties and enhances the body resistance against diseases.
  • It helps in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.


It is used in Hyperacidity, pitta pacifier, tonic, nervous weakness, heametemesis.

It is best natural source of Calcium, thus helps in calcium deficiency.


Loh Bhasam is haematinic and restorative.

It increases the haemoglobin content of blood, and therefore indicated in anaemia.

Useful in

Anti-oxidant; Immunomodulator; Anaemia; Calcium
supplement; Weak Eye-sight;

How to take

1-2 Capsules daily with milk or abundant amount of

How long to take

One can take the Pre Charge on a long term basis as
health supplement without any side-effects.


One should avoid smoking, alcohol intake, spicy and fried
food, junk food, Anxiety; Late night working hours; etc.


Healthy nutritious food like seasonal fruits and vegetables,
roughage, 8-10 hours deep sleep, exercise routines are helpful.

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