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Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. Although suppressed during years of foreign occupation, Ayurveda has been enjoying a major resurgence in both its native land and throughout the world. Read More..


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VTILIGO or SHWET DAAG Loss of skin color in the form of depigmented or white patches of the skin in any location of the body. It is said to be an autoimmune disorder. Though it is not painful or contagious but it has emotional and psychological consequences on the sufferer’s personality. There is not very … Continue reading VTILIGO or SHWET DAAG


PSORIASIS Psoriasis is a noncontagious, genetic disease of the immune system that affects the skin and/ or joints. The most common form, plaque psoriasis, results in raised, red lesions covered by silvery white scales. Psoriasis can be limited to a few lesions or can involve moderate to large areas of skin. Having 3 to 10 … Continue reading PSORIASIS


ECZEMA & ATOPIC DERMATITIS Eczema is the most common skin disorder and affects 40% of the world’s population. It is characterized by dry, itchy patches on the skin that usually appear on the hands, neck, face and legs, though they can be found on any part of the body as well. Severe itching makes one … Continue reading ECZEMA

Allergy in Ayurveda(Urticaria)

Allergy in Ayurveda Our immune system is a complex and wonderful system. When in balance, it does a seamless job of identifying and eliminating potential threats to our health, such as toxins, bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. However, sometimes our immune system responds too vigorously to a substance in the environment that is usually harmless, … Continue reading Allergy in Ayurveda(Urticaria)


Allergies Our immune system is a complex and wonderful system. When in balance, it does a seamless job of identifying and eliminating potential threats to our health, such as toxins, bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. As the body acts to eradicate the perceived threat, we can experience the uncomfortable symptoms of an allergy reaction, including … Continue reading ALLERGIES


PREMATURE EJACULATION Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction characterized by ejaculation which always or nearly always occurs prior to or within about one minute of vaginal penetration; and, inability to delay ejaculation on all or nearly all vaginal penetrations; and, negative personal consequences, such as distress, bother, frustration, and/or the avoidance of sexual intimacy.” This … Continue reading PREMATURE EJACULATION


LOW SPERM COUNT(OLIGOSPERMIA) Oligospermia is a male fertility issue characterized by a low sperm count. To get a female conceived male should ejaculate at least 15m/ml(WHO) sperms in an ejaculation. Out of which > than 50% should be actively motile. Varicocele, Infections, Drug reactions, Alcohol, Smoking, work related hazard, excessive exposure to heat, Ejaculation issues, … Continue reading LOW SPERM COUNT


Erectile Dysfunction(ED) Inability of a male to get the erection or sustain enough that he can perform the act of sex can be termed as erectile dysfunction. Nervine Weakness, low blood supply, nervousness, Hormonal disturbance psychological trauma, performance anxiety can be a few factors which are to be taken into account for diagnosis. In Ayurveda:- … Continue reading ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED)


OBESITY (MEDOROG) Having a BMI(Body Mass Index) more than 25(normal 23-24.9) is termed as obesity in Indians and should be treated to avoid further complications. Excess food intake, Genetic susceptibility, sedentary lifestyle, endocrine problems(Hypothyroidism, PCOS), Drug side effects, Steroids etc may be a few of the causative factors.


SCIATICA A pain, starting from the low back to the back of thigh, radiating to the knee and may go upto ankle or extending till little toe is sciatica. Most common cause is lumber disc herniation, radiculopathy, nerve irritation, hematoma, tumour to rule out a few. In Ayurveda:- Disease is called Gridhrasi.(from ‘vulture’as patient gait … Continue reading SCIATICA

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