• Loss of skin color in the form of depigmented or white patches of the skin in any location of the body.
  • It is said to be an autoimmune disorder. Though it is not painful or contagious but it has emotional and psychological consequences on the sufferer’s personality.
  • There is not very promising medicines avaible in modern medicine to contain the disease. The treatment is by & large aimed at restoring the skin color with the help of make or skin grafting

In Ayurveda

The disease is referred to as shiwtra or shwet kushta. The dosha involved are vaat and bhrajak pitta.

Due to Viruddh ahaar, Regular eating of too much amla(Sour) and lavna(Salty) foods, fish with milk, irregular sleep, may vitiate vaat dosha which may  conjugate with bhrajak pitta in the skin to cause the discoloration of the skin.


Ayurveda consider shwitra to be a kashtsadhya(Difficult to cure).

There is multi pronged strategy to be followed depends on the age, sex and prolongness of the disease.

The treatment includes Shodhan(Panchkarma), raktamokshan, snehan swedan, and oral medicines. Some people do kshar karma or agni karma for the disease.


Bakuchi tel and oral administration,  Gandhak, Curcumin, ankoladi lep, bakuchayadi lep, Jatyadi Tel, Mahaniladi tel, Khadirarishta, Mahamanjishtarishta, triphla guggul, amritadi guggul may help etc.

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