• A pain, starting from the low back to the back of thigh, radiating to the knee and may go upto ankle or extending till little toe is sciatica.
  • Most common cause is lumber disc herniation, radiculopathy, nerve irritation, hematoma, tumour to rule out a few.

In Ayurveda:-

Disease is called Gridhrasi.(from ‘vulture’as patient gait becomes like vulture in this disease)


Long sitting hour, working with bended back, heavy objects lifting asatmya aahar vihar, may lead to vaat disruption which leads to pain.

It is explained as one of the 80 vaat disorders mentioned in ayurveda.

Main symptoms are pain starting from low back or hip area radiating to the back of the leg, may go up to little toe.


Main concern is Vaat,  so anti vaat treatment like snehan(massage with medicated oils), Swedan(Steam Bat), Kati Basti, Mrdu Virechan, Raktamokshan etc. can help.

Herbs that can help are Ashwagandha, Sahjan, Guggul, Kuchla, Suranjan, Rasna, Sonth, soya, lashun etc.

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