• Oligospermia is a male fertility issue characterized by a low sperm count.
  • To get a female conceived male should ejaculate at least 15m/ml(WHO) sperms in an ejaculation. Out of which > than 50% should be actively motile.
  • Varicocele, Infections, Drug reactions, Alcohol, Smoking, work related hazard, excessive exposure to heat, Ejaculation issues, Hormonal Issues, exposure to radiations are some of the factors causing low sperm count.

In Ayurveda

This Issue is discussed in Ayurveda in great detail and profound treatments are available for the problem with great success rate.

Few causes mentioned in ayurveda are overindulgence in sex, unnatural sex, apathya aahar vihar, Laghu v ruksha bhojan, excessive spicy and junk food, lack of ghee and other factors in diet, heat exposure, Smoking tobacco, alcohol intake etc.


It’s not just the low sperm count but necrozoopermia, azoospermia, teratozoospermia some of the other problems that we encounter on daily basis and treat.

Treatment is very well described and is result oriented. At Vedic square we have treated a fairly large number of patients with good success rate.

A few of the herbs out of large number of medicines mentioned are

Gokshur, ashwagandha, Kawanch, Urad, Singhada, sataver, zimikand, etc.

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