Erectile Dysfunction(ED)

  • Inability of a male to get the erection or sustain enough that he can perform the act of sex can be termed as erectile dysfunction.
  • Nervine Weakness, low blood supply, nervousness, Hormonal disturbance psychological trauma, performance anxiety can be a few factors which are to be taken into account for diagnosis.

In Ayurveda:-

This is referred to as Klaibya in Ayurveda.

This is a wide term for many situations concerning sex like unable to get erection or sustain the erection, inability to get the female pregnant, impotency and many more.

But here we will concentrate on erection problem only.


In ayurveda there is a whole part dedicated (one of the 8 parts of Ayurvedic Study) on Sexual problem and the part is called Vajikaran Anga.

Here ayurvedic Teachers have discussed in great detail the reasons of the sexual weaknesses and the progression of disease.

The Treatment includes

Swaran(Gold) Bhasam, Rajat Bhasam(silver), Ashwagandha, Shilajeet, Mucuna, Tribulus terresteris, asparagus raemosa, yashad, tribang and lots of more medicines depending upon the age, type and duration of problem.

Here at Vedic Square we got the specialist on the subject who got approx 20 years of experience in treating sexual problems with great success.

Patient can visit personally  or can consult online and get the medicines delivered at home.

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