Natural Herbal Shakes

Human lifestyle is filled with all sort of toxins and most of these comes from atmospheric pollutants, junk food & stress level during our day to-day routines. While each one of us has to go through all type of struggles and hardships during the course of our life, sometimes it leads our health to a dark hole full of troubles.

Vedic Square (Ayushoppee) is India’s First and finest Ayurvedic Power boosting shakes provider. It is a perfect amalgamation of Modern day Science with world’s oldest holistic healing system known as “Ayurveda” .

Natural Herbal Capsuls

We are using the Herbal extracts in all our formulations. Extracts are the concentrated herbs, which reduces its dosages from grams to milligrams, so that they can be filled in the capsules, without compromising the results but it covers the bad taste of the herbs and can be taken easily with a glass of water.

Natural Herbal Syrup

Our Herbal Syrup formulations are based on ancient research of Ayurvedic texts combined with our clinical experiences of 15 to 20 years along with adoption of new technological advances. We have taken every care that our products should be the best in quality and lower in prices compared with the industry standards.

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